We Are Professional Cleaning Services Provider

We currently service a number of restaurants, hotels, stores and other commercial properties, across the Greater Columbus Metropolitan Area, protecting your employees and customers from foul odors, germs and other debris known to attract pests.

We are Central Ohio’s Leader in Trash Bin/Dumpster Cleaning

We are the leading dumpster and trash bin cleaning + sanitizing company in the Central Ohio, the only service provider trusted by Rumpke and the City of Columbus to service their customers.

Our truck-mounted system hydraulically safely lifts the bins and dumpsters up into the back of our self-contained cleaning unit. Our system then uses powerful jet nozzles to blast away dirt and grime with 220o water – sanitizing as it cleans, capturing wastewater so we can dispose of it in compliance with EPA regulations.

While that’s happening on the inside, our team uses high powered water jets to clean the lid and outside of the bins.

Before we are done, our team applies a non-toxic, biodegradable sanitizing solution that leaves the inside and outside of your bins sanitized and smelling as fresh as the bloom of a flower!

We understand that you want a clean and sanitized trash bin and dumper … but don’t want to hassle with doing the dirty work yourself.

Company’s Core Values

Quality: We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.
Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.
Teamwork: We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers and to help our Company win.
Respect for People: We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance.
A Will to Win: We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business. We care about our communities and the environment.
Personal Accountability: We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments.


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