Do you provide one time trash can cleaning services?2021-11-22T21:34:47+00:00

Not at this time. Our current services are offered on a monthly and annual basis.

How is wastewater managed?2021-11-22T21:34:32+00:00

We recognize that many of our customers are committed to disposing of waste with the environment in mind. Fresh Bloom Bins handles such waste water in compliance with EPA guidelines. Our trucks use a self-contained washing unit and grey water is dumped at an approved facility each day.

Do you offer customer support and paperless billing?2021-11-22T21:34:14+00:00

We offer online support to all customers through the online chat features 24/7 and phone support is during regular business hours, by calling 614-602-1842. We also send digital alerts and notifications and offer autopay and paperless billing for all of our customers.

How often will my bin be sanitized?2021-11-22T21:33:55+00:00

We clean and sanitize your bins each month after your trash is picked up. In Central Ohio, business trash pickup is once per month, with additional days available by request. We make it easy to up-size your container or arrange for additional cleaning days based on the seasonality and peaks of your business.


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